Honor is the art of stewarding relationships well.
Business is all about relationships, and every day at work presents us with a choice: Will we fight for fear-free connections with our team members, employees, vendors, and customers for the sake of our mutual success? Or will we default into self-protection and self-serving and participate in a relational culture of disconnection?   

This is the choice between honor and dishonor, and it flows from our hearts and our core beliefs about people. 

In The Business of Honor, Bob Hasson and Danny Silk lay out a pathway for living with a heart of honor in business, from receiving your identity to investing in healthy relationships and taking the lead in building honoring culture in your company or organization.
BOB HASSON is a businessman and leadership consultant. His greatest passion is strengthening leaders and their organizations, with specific focus on developing sound organizational structure, fiscal responsibility, and dynamic relationships on leadership teams. He is both the Founder and CEO of R.M Hasson Painting Contractors, Inc. For over thirty years, he has been active as a consultant and board member for churches, ministries, nonprofits, and school boards. Since 2012, he has traveled around the world with Danny Silk as a speaker and consultant for Loving on Purpose. He has been married for thirty years to his wife, Lauren, and they have four children.
DANNY SILK serves on the Senior Leadership Team of both Bethel Church in Redding,CA and Jesus Culture in Sacramento,CA. He is the President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, a ministry to families and communities worldwide. Danny is also the author of five books covering the subjects of building successful relationships, a culture of honor and strong families. Danny and Sheri married in 1984 and have three children and three grandchildren.
Don't just read the book, engage with it!
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KEN BLANCHARD, Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and coeditor of Servant Leadership in Action
"The Business of Honor is a book after my own heart. Why? Because I’m a firm believer that leaders should serve first and lead second. When leaders are humble and vulnerable in front of their people, it creates a two-way bond of trust. When people are empowered to bring their brains to work, they feel valued and safe, relationships flourish, and results follow. Bob Hasson gets it right when he says ‘trust, safety, and belonging are the fruit of serving well.’ Read this book, apply its lessons, and you will be a better leader."
WM. PAUL YOUNG, Author of The Shack, Cross Roads, Eve, and Lies We Believe About God
"This authentically brilliant business book centered on relationship integrity translates easily into the vast array of human interactions. Our relationships comprise the colors of our lives: parental, friendship, business, communal, marital, etc. Read with a highlighter, then go back and spend some time with what you underscored. Every one of us has a deep, driving longing to be an integrated and successful human being, and this book is enormously helpful in showing us how."
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